We’re GA born and raised local marketing consultants. Our team of Google AdWords Certified professionals has 8+ years of online marketing experience with businesses of all sizes. We started the company to help GA businesses generate more web visitors, capture more leads, and make more money. Quickly we noticed the pattern that we were working with more and more pest control and wildlife companies and enjoyed working with them.

That is when we quickly honed it and refined what helps pest control companies and now… we’re pretty good at it.

google-partnerWe’ve spent over $4.5 million of our OWN money on Google Adwords and Bing ads in the last 8 years. Not many PPC management companies can say that. Most learn with others money… where we’ve spent our own.

Our goal is to help as many pest control companies as possible grow their bottom line through profitable internet advertising.

At Pest Control SEO, we are dedicated to helping you generate Internet leads for your pest control business.