What To Look For When Hiring A Pest Control PPC Agency

You have a pest control business to run, family obligations, hobbies and much much more when owning your own pest control business. And NOW… You’re supposed to learn how to run ads on Google Adwords without losing your shirt.

One of the best solutions is to hand it over to the PPC experts who know what they are doing and have mastered it. But the question comes up – How do I know which PPC Agency to pick?

Know this going in – 97% of all “pay-per-click experts” have no idea what they are doing because they didn’t have to learn it on their own dime. They discovered what they know because they were able to use pest control businesses hard earned money.

And this is where we differ:

Below you’ll see two different Adwords campaigns that are OURS. That’s right. The totals you see was our hard earned money. And when you are spending this type of cash, you had better know what you are doing or you’re out of business- VERY QUICKLY!


adwords2(This was 2015 year in one of our accounts)

5 Questions To Ask Before Hiring a Pest Control PPC Agency
and Why You Should Ask

  1. Will I Keep Ownership of My Adwords Account?

This is a big one. Most of your “large” pay per click management agencies will create your account within their account. WHY? Because they are trying to get you stuck with them forever. You see… IF you leave them, then you LOSE all your data. You don’t know what ads were running, keywords were used, and what was the conversion of each keyword. IF you go on your own or you go with another agency, you are starting over from scratch.

And a little insider secret: YOU have no idea how much you are paying per click. ONLY what they tell you they are paying. For example, I was taking over a pest control company’s adword account and they were using one of the big box agencies. And with big box agencies, they LOVE to put you in packages. For example, sign you up for the $2500 a month package. And when you look into it more in depth, you realize they are only using $1250-$1500 of that in clicks and the rest goes to the management fees.

DON’T DO PACKAGES!  Do a percentage of what you are spending. That way you know what it is costing you and in our case, we usually can improve the account enough in the first month to cover our fees.

Make the agency just link to your account. And in our case, if you creating a new account, we can give you a voucher for $100 FREE traffic. There is no reason to use our account.


2. How Are Results Tracked and Reported?

You HAVE to be tracking conversions. You HAVE to be tracking calls! You have to know your cost per conversion. Without this information you are flying blindly. You are flying the plane with your eyes closed. You are spending money on keywords and searches that aren’t helping you get new leads and phone calls. Over and over, I see where the ppc agency before me, wasn’t using a tracking number and couldn’t tell you what keywords converted into a phone call. Smh…

Our pest control business owners want to know ONE thing: Tell me how many leads I got for how much!  Can your PPC agency tell you that? Or can they tell you only how many “clicks” you’ve received.


3. Will The Pest Control PPC Agency Create Dedicated Landing Pages For You?

You need to know WHO is working on your adwords account. Is it the owner of the PPC Agency you talked to or did he hand it off to an hourly employee who isn’t a Certified Google Partner and has no idea what they are doing.georgia-adwords-professional

Insider Secret #2: Most PPC agencies ONLY goal is to get your SEO business while trying to keep your PPC account barely floating above the water. Why? Because the money most of the time is in the SEO. SEO is a game that takes months. Results won’t always be overnight and both parties know this.  

IF you are driving adwords traffic ONLY to your home page, then there is a good chance you are paying too much per click. Many times, you will need to create landing pages specifically for that keyword.

Think about it: IF I am searching for “bed bug treatment” and I click on your ad and all I see is a page about you and your pest control services, then in my mind there is a disconnect. That wasn’t what I was searching for. Make sense?


4. Do They Work With Other Pest Control Companies in My City?

Loyalty isn’t that strong in the PPC agency world. Most agencies will take on every pest control company that notifies them. We are a little different. If we are helping you in your city, then we won’t take on another company for adwords or SEO. How can I tell you that I will get you to the top of Google and make your ad the best possible and then run to your competitor and tell them the same thing. Truth? It can’t happen.


5. Do I Have To Sign A Long Term Contract?

This is a biggie. And the reason most PPC agencies are multi-million dollar agencies. The LONG contracts. EVEN if they aren’t delivering on their end of the bargain, you are stuck paying their fees for 1 to 2 years.

We’re old school in our thinking. We deliver results or don’t use us! Yes, an adwords campaign will usually take 3-4 months to tweak and master where it is a smooth running machine. But if you want to cancel next month and do it yourself, go for it. I wouldn’t suggest it but again it is your right. There is NO reason to lock yourself into a long term contract. It just isn’t benefiting anyone but the PPC agency.


Well, that wraps it up. If you are needing a pest control ppc agency who delivers results, then give us a call. We don’t take on every business. We make sure we can help you get more leads. Because once again, what else matters?


Yes, Trey, tell me more about your Pest Control PPC Agency…