The Groupon Bait and Switch Tactic Didn’t Work For This Pest Control Company


Which Pest Control Company Are You?

This week as I was researching the pest control competition for a client and I came across the a pest control company who was doing it RIGHT… and a pest control company who was one of the worst that I’ve seen. Let me show you what I mean.

Let’s look at both and see if we can learn a thing or two:

Check out this search on Google and answer the question to yourself:


Which Pest Control Company below would you call?  

Which one would you avoid to call and you know nothing about them?




Lesson #1: Have an easy to use system for getting good reviews… AND have a system that filters out bad reviews by giving customers a place to vent their anger – NOT on Google!

Do you have a system for getting good reviews? If not, then get with us and check out the easiest to use system I’ve ever come across in 8 years.

Here is a screenshot showing you the the ONLY step you have to do… and then the software does the rest!


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Lesson #2: DO NOT use Groupon or any other type of coupon site to get your potential customers to call you and then you try to upsell them without offering what you promised first.

I believe its fine if you want to go to their home and deliver what you promised in the coupon… in fact – over deliver on your promise and then let them come to the conclusion themselves that there is no better pest control service in town.


I’ll let you read the reviews and come to your own conclusion. AND BIG takeaway:  Notice the customers who read the bad reviews and RAN the other way:



Lesson #3: Monitor your reviews and know what is being said!

Bad reviews have a way of taking over like cancer. It is very easy to vent your bad experience when you’ve just read three other people venting theirs.

Imagine this: You called and got an appointment with the above pest control company and you saw these reviews and still called. (NOT likely… but let’s dream)

The entire time they were servicing your home, you would be looking for the signs that were mentioned in the bad reviews. You would wait for the upsell. You would expect them to be late for the appointment. You literally are expecting the worst. And most the time when you look for the worst, you find it.

 We teach our pest control clients this proven strategy:

“Get a 5 Star Reputation Online and then Market Your 5 Star Reputation”

Go get that 5 Star Reputation,