free-adwords-auditWhether you’re doing Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising on your own, using a PPC agency, managing it in-house, or if you are just worried about how to take it to the next level, we can provide you with a FREE, no obligation PPC audit & review.

Our pest control clients are often surprised when we show them what we discover. Most PPC accounts rarely change. They have the same set of eyes looking at them for months or even years.

We dive deep to find out where the money is going and what money is being wasted. We look at ad performance, negative keywords, how often the campaign gets updated, and 6 other key performanceindicators (KPIs).



Our eight-partPay-Per-Click audit looks at:

  • Structure
  • Ads & Ad Copy
  • Keywords & Match Types
  • Negative Keywords
  • What’s Bleeding Out Money
  • What’s Working
  • Conversion Data (if applicable)
  • How often does it gets updated

Our PPC audits include a thorough review of your PPC portfolio’s structure, historical performance, use of fundamental PPC best practices and other advanced PPC opportunities to ensure that you obtain the best results from your PPC efforts.

To discuss how we can help your pest control business increase its online presence, request a call back using the discovery form below or call us . Be sure to request your free PPC Audit so you can learn how you can start driving more profitable web traffic to your site.