“What If You Could Add TWO WORDS To Your Pest Control
and Increase Your Sales Within ONE Week?”




(Click This 8 Minute Video Above. It Will Open In New Window
HINT: I Reveal The TWO Words At The 2 Minutes and 12 Seconds )

Let’s face it: You may be the exception to the rule but for the majority of the USA, texting is the #1 way we communicate with our friends and family…

So with that being said, why as a business have we not given that option to our potential clients?  For one, who wants to put their cell phone number on the world wide web for the world to have access to. For every spammer and telemarketer to call… NOT ME! So what is the solution?

Until now, there wasn’t another solution… So, we created our own and you have got to see it in action. Make sure you watch the short video above.


Google Adwords, Bing and MSN
could be Robbing You Blind!

If you’re advertising on Google Adwords or one of the other search engines then your ad probably looks just like ALL the rest. For example:



Your Ad Just Fits In With ALL The Rest… But what if you could stand out
and have the ONLY ad that reads “Call or Text Us Today”?

Now You Can CAPTURE More Visitors Than Ever Before…
Using The #1 Way Your Potential Customers Want To Talk To YOU!

We tested this last week with one of our clients… Check out the results in the first week:one-week-results

(13 text messages leading to new customers in ONE week)



Now, you can give everyone that comes to your site, the option of texting you and asking questions or getting a quote instead of calling or emailing you.

Imagine… You can put anyone in your office in control of this simple to use software. Can they email? Can they text? Then they are qualified!

We want to give you the best ever deal on this incredible new breakthrough software that will transform your website into a lead capturing machine.


An OUTRAGEOUS, but Limited Time Offer…

Normally you’d pay $150 set up fee and $97 a month to get access to this software.
For a limited time only, you can get our groundbreaking software for just $47 a month and NO set up fee.

In a nutshell: You’re getting everything you need to start EASILY getting new sales in minutes. We set up EVERYTHING for you within 48 hours. (We cover ALL the data usage cost each month.)


Our Guarantee:

It comes with a 30-day risk-free guarantee.
If you’re not happy with it in 30 days, you can cancel it and receive a FULL refund.
ALL the risk is on us. Try it out for 30 days and watch the new sales start coming in.


So… How many new customers do you need per month to cover this marketing? One? Either you get those or you get  a FULL refund.



Talk soon,



P.S. Today we sent this video to 5 of our current clients. ALL 5 of them jumped on it once they saw it in action.
If you have questions I didn’t answer then call or text me at (706) 223-3355.