Pest Control Keywords: Knowing Exactly What Customers Are Searching In Your City

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Last week we covered how to use Google Adwords to see HOW MANY search your main pest control keywords…


Today, let’s look at how to see exactly which keywords are being searched in your city.


Check out this 5 minute video where I walk you through the easy steps


Google – What Are You Suggesting?

The Google suggest bar is one way to see exactly what hundreds… if not thousands have searched in your area.  Then we glanced at “related searches”. And finally, I showed you how to tell if the keyword will be tough to rank for or very easy.

Remember this picture:


Under The Radar

Ranking on the front page of the search engines with many “small competition keywords” will result in a lot of traffic coming to your website and you don’t have to compete with the big boys in your city. 

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