“I Need 5 Beta Testers for This Experiment
and I’ll Make It With Your While!”


pest-control-seo-expertHey Pest Cemetery Member,

I need 5 beta testers for an experiment before I launch a national campaign promoting this.

Here’s what its about:

Being in the maps in your city is THE #1 way to get your phone ringing. PERIOD. Yes, there are ways to make this even more powerful but the FIRST step is to be in the maps.

For example:


What’s awesome about being in the maps is that when a customer searches on their mobile phone (which is probably around 50% of your traffic), Google places a Call Button right beside your name. That customer only has to click ONE time and they’re calling you.

In the last two months, we are batting 1000% in our attempts to get clients in the map. But before we launch this to the USA, I want to make double sure we know we can do it.

But this may NOT be for you.

Here’s the qualifications:

1) You are NOT in the maps now in your city.

2) You are wanting to be in the maps IN the city your business address is in. 

The way to make sure about this is to search your business name on Google. And see if Google has created a google + page for you. Like below:



That’s it! If you qualify with those two requirements then we believe we can help.

My Special Deal For You

We charge $200 a month and plan on launching it at that price but again… I need beta testers.

So, here is my special: Pay us ONE TIME $150… (This covers my cost to pay my employees)

Once we have you in the maps, then we can talk about helping you climb higher. (And all our customers immediately see the increase in phone calls and jump all over this)



* IF we cannot get you in the maps before 90 days, I’ll give you your money back. That way you have nothing to lose. All the risk is on me.


That’s it. Once I have 5 beta testers, I’ll remove this order button, just jump on it if you qualified above.

Click Here To Order


Once you order, if I see that I can’t help you for any reason, I’ll immediately refund your money. No problem either way.

Thanks and look forward to helping you,


P.S. Once you order, I’ll email you and get your company website information.