Best Exterminator On Earth?

best-exterminator-on-earthSo as a fun challenge, a group of guys on Facebook created a 30 day Challenge to decide who is the best exterminator on Earth?

Well, I can guarantee you that it isn’t me. I could find what end of the nozzle to spray the pest with… but I do know a little bit about SEO…

So what we are going to do is spend 15 minutes tonight creating this video and then let’s see what happens with it and with the page on my Pest Control SEO website that I will create after this.

If you’re thinking you may be the best exterminator on earth, this is for you.

Being the best pest control company on earth or just in your city is much more than just being at the top of Google at the end of the month. It has to do with your integrity and how you treat your customers. Would your customers say you are the best or are you just saying it?

We know our Pest Control SEO but when it comes to getting rid of bed bugs, termites, roaches or any other kind of pest, we leave it to the professionals. Many pest control companies in the USA rely on us monthly for their phone to ring and we do everything in our power to not disappoint them.

While SEO and trying to be the best exterminator on earth is important… this is just a game that we are having fun with.


Ok, that about wraps it up. I’m real close to 200 words for this article and about 10 minutes into the challenge. Let’s end now and give everyone else the chance.

Good luck to everyone else who is doing the challenge for the best exterminator on earth and may the best person… or at least the one spending a lot of time trying win. : )